The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai

My Short Review

Just when i started to get bored of the xbox and all the titles that are currently available a new game pops up that refuels my interest. Surprisingly it’s a side scrolling beat em up on the xbox live marketplace. You can pick this game up for 800 Microsoft points and I can honestly say it’s one of the only games i have felt is worth the points.

The first thing that attracted me to the game was the attention to detail in the cartoon style artwork and then secondly the gore. The game play is pretty good and has some good combos which admitably i have only managed to pull off in a button bashing frenzy but all the same it feels good doing it and i especially like the clean or dirty kill feature.

Heres alittle about the Character.

The Dishwasher – The violent, unnamed protagonist; captured by the cyborgs in hope of making him one of their own, The Dishwasher was saved by Chef – his mentor – and was donated "Alien Blood" resurrecting him from death and giving him incredible powers. The Dishwasher has flashbacks through a series of comic-strips about his life and hatred for the Cyborgs and their master "AI Synthesis" but more importantly of his sister, Yuki, who gave herself willingly to the Cyborgs. His quest is simple: destroy the head of the Cyborg army so that the world may be saved. The Dishwasher has long black hair that covers the bulk of his face, he is naked save for a torn garment that covers his lower body.

Check out the game play.

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