Adam Ant – Q&A – Phoenix Cinema – East Finchley 08/08/2011

On Monday the 8th August I was lucky enough to attend the Adam Ant Live in Japan screening, a screening of his Hyde Park Hard Rock Calling gig from 26 June 2011, Q&A and acoustic set at the Phoenix Cinema in East Finchley. Adam was in fine form for this gig and was warm and responsive towards to the audience and answered the questions honestly with his trade mark sense of humour.

Straight away Adam delighted us all by announcing that a film is being made about him titled Stand and Deliver, the lead actor who is to play Adam has not been announced but I can assure you it won’t be Johnny Depp.. Adam also announced that he has been followed for the last 12 months by filmmaker Jack Bond who has been documenting his recent tour with his band the good bad and the lovely posse. Jack Bond is the filmmaker who in 1965 travelled to New York as a young man and asked Salvador Dali if he could make a documentary about him, Salavador agreed but on the conditions that he brought him 5000 fire ants and a statue of venus di milo, Bond managed to do this and the documentary got made…

The video above is the full Q&A section of the evening’s entertainment. If you would like to see more footage from the evening including most of the acoustic set check out my YouTube channel and if you are a Adam Ant fan I suggest subscribing as I have two more Adam Ant gigs lined up in the coming months and will be taking footage from these also.

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