Legendary Metal Gigs at the Weymouth Pavilion

I think I can be forgiven for saying I never thought I would see the likes of legendary metal bands such as Sepultura, Morbid Angel or Napalm Death in my sea side home town of Weymouth but that is exactly what has happened with both Sepultura and Morbid Angel headlining gigs at the Weymouth Pavilion and Napalm Death are booked for December. The guys at Hourglass Promotions are doing a really awesome job of breathing some life into the South Dorset music scene.

napalm-death-weymouthFirst up on my wish list was Sepultura on 29th June which sold out the venue and proved to be one of the greatest music events Weymouth has ever seen. The atmosphere was incredible and you could feel that the band and the fans knew this was a special gig. They blasted through hits such as Roots Bloody Roots, Refuse Resist and Ratamahata (see video below) and then showcased tracks from the new album Kairos. Two local bands Bull-Riff Stampede and another band that I did not see (if you know who they where let me know and I will update) provided the Support putting in energised sets that set the atmosphere for the evening. I totally recommend catching these bands live if you get the chance. You can see footage I took from the event below.

Next up on my list was Morbid Angel at the Weymouth Pavilion for the UK leg of the Illud Divinum Insanus tour with support from Benighted, NerveCell and Necrophobic. Firstly I want to say that if you are planning on missing this tour because you don’t like the new Morbid Angel album you are making a mistake as I can vouch for their live performance and say they still kick ass. NerveCell where the first band to hit the stage and impressed me with their unique style of death metal, I didn’t know anything about them before the gig but became a fan by the end of their set. Next up was Benighted who I was looking forward to from a recommendation made by a friend and they didn’t disappoint either. I’m struggling to right a clear review of how any of the bands sounded from this gig as I ended up getting fairly drunk and have a patchy memory… Next time I’ll take notes. Necrophobic I remember being surprised and stoked about seeing as they had been making a regular appearance on my mix radio achieving quite a few hearted tracks. They didn’t disappoint despite the slightly subdued crowd surrounding me at the start they pulled off a ragingly brutal set which by the end had the sweaty metal heads moshing. And then it was Morbid Angel, I wasn’t aware at the time that the new album had not been warmly received and that the fans had turned and I’m glad I did not know this because I absorbed the gig with no prejudices and thought it was great. They had power, speed and the catalog to back it all up.

The next big name to hit the pavilion stage will be Napalm Death on Dec 15th with support from Ted Maul. This gig is going to be another legendary night and at the time of typing this the tickets had 50% sold out so if you are thinking of going to this you need to act now and get your ticket. Tickets for this event can be purchased form Ticketweb.

You can view all the footage I take at these gigs on my My YouTube Channel and the photos on my Flickr page.

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