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Alien Run: Bitcoin Mobile Game – Earn Free Bitcoin

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Alien Run is a side-scrolling platformer adventure, featuring alien hero Daniel D’Alien that lets you play for crypto. The game contains lots of content to maximise longevity and keep the feel of the game fresh. The simple one-touch control makes the game easy to play. Jump, flap and flip are all you need to navigate through hundreds of custom-built levels.

The infinite adventure mode gives the opportunity to play games to earn cryptocurrency. You earn up to 1000 satoshi every 5 levels, and you can play two sets for a total of 10 levels every hour. There is also a unique daily mission containing 8 levels and big rewards of up to 10,000 satoshis.


Alien Run has been consistently at the top of the charts with close to 500k installs since it’s release. This shows a lot of people play games to earn cryptocurrency.  The Bitcoin Aliens gaming company switched focused to bitcoin-faucet games and this has been very profitable for them. Alien Run is a legit bitcoin mobile game and it will really reward you Bitcoin-satoshis for playing the game. Download Alien Run Here.

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