Top Five Halo Montages

I am a big fan of the Halo series on the Xbox console and have been since Halo Combat Evolved which first appeared on the Xbox and PC. My favourite aspect of these games has always been the online multiplayer side where you can compete with other gamers online in ranked or social playlists.

Halo can be a very competitive game and I sometimes feel that people take it a little too seriously. I have found in the past that my best play comes when I am just enjoying the game for what it is and not trying to hard or thinking negatively about the people who I’m playing with. I wasn’t always like this and would sometimes make myself annoyed with the game which would eventually lead to me turning the Xbox off in frustration.

My change of approach to this game came when I started watching Halo Montages on YouTube and the Halo 3 Forum. I could see straight away that the best montages where by people that simply enjoyed the game and weren’t trying too hard. Watching these montages was a revelation to me and I could see them having an impact on the way I play the game almost immediately.

The main reason I enjoy watching Halo montages are for entertainment, strategy hints and tips. Below you will find my top five montages of the month.

Kampy :: Apex – A Halo 3 Montage – AMAZING Gameplay – A MUST SEE!!!

Full length review of this montage:

This is a Halo 3 montage from Kampy, entitled, “Apex,” and it contains some of the BEST gameplay I have EVER seen. At least one clip in this montage will make your jaw drop, I promise you. And unlike most of his montages, there is a hefty amount of MLG gameplay so everyone’s happy. What’s really awesome about this montage is that every time you think the clip is going to end, he just gets another kill. The editing in this montage is also great. It’s quite simple, but you can tell he put a considerable amount of effort into it. Simply put, it gets the job done, allowing you to focus on important stuff, the gameplay. In my opinion, this montage is at least as good as his 4th, if not better. Anyways, enjoy!

Chimp – Halo: Reach Montage 1

This is Chimp’s 1st Halo: Reach montage, edited by Klima. The gameplay is really sick, showcasing tons of nice sniper multikills, a lot of which have no scopes. Look out for the nice killtrocity on Boardwalk and 2v2 overkill on Asylum. The editing is great as well, flowing very well with the soundtrack. The syncing is well done, the effects are just clean overall, and the editing never takes away from the footage. Even though the video jumps through music selections a bit too often, the soundtrack is unique and I did like it. This is one of the better Reach montages to have come out recently so I hope you enjoy it.

Dutchy :: Final Halo 3 Montage – AMAZING Gameplay!

This is Dutchy’s final Halo 3 montage, edited by himself. If Dutchy was trying to go out with a bang, he certainly accomplished that with this video. I just found everything in this montage to be fantastic. The soundtrack is very relaxed, and the editing flows incredibly well with it. The syncing is fantastic, and the couple angles here and there are very well done. And of course, with Dutchy being Dutchy, the gameplay is sick nasty. The montage starts off with a ridiculous no scope killtrocity in a game of MLG Team Slayer on Narrows and goes on to showcase several more incredible clips such as an overkill snipe on the guy going mancannon, a ricochet overkill extermination, and a play on Guardian in which he grenades himself to get the higher ground, netting a killtacular shortly afterwards. Similar to Kampy’s Apex, this montage perfectly pulls off the classic laid back editing with mind-blowing gameplay formula. Enjoy!

Origins – An INCREDIBLE Halo 3 Trick Jumping Montage

This is a Halo 3 trick jumping montage from the trick jumping clan, “Project Air,” entitled, “Origins,” edited by MasteroMexico and featuring an introduction and credits from Joshington. Nothing’s perfect, but this video comes pretty damn close. The jumps are flat out ridiculous, and I was just shocked at how much of the material was original even though trick jumping has been around for quite a long time and dozens of sick trick jumping montages have been made. There are at least 5 jumps in here that will make you say, “How in the world did they think up of that?” The editing is also fantastic. Of course, it accomplishes the task of syncing a couple things here and there and having great, smoothly done angles to showcase the jumps in a clear manner, but it goes far beyond that. I really liked the simply yet very unique intro, and the credits are among some of the best credits I have ever seen in a Halo video (if you’re a Mirror’s Edge fan like me, you will definitely love them). To top it all off, I loved the soundtrack as well. It was relaxing, unique, and just very melodic in general. All in all, this video simply does everything right, and I really hope you enjoy it. So… enjoy!

| Phalanx | – We Built This City – Amazing Halo 2 Montage

This is |Phalanx | ‘s 5th Montage, titled We Built This City, based on the song playing. It features amazing gameplay, as do all the videos I take time to upload here. Like his other videos, tremendous editing, snipes, amazing sticks, many multikills, battle rifle ownage, etc. Also, in the very end, it shows a Kilimanjaro! Great footage that I hope you enjoy!


Halo 3 – Sick Triple Kill – BiNaRy ZeR0

This is a Triple Kill that i got some time ago now, i have had better but this is all i had to play with on my fileshare. I uploaded it as a test to see what the Halo 3 Bungie render to video looks like when uploaded to YouTube. The original file was 640 x 360

My BiNaRy ZeR0 account has been locked now and i can’t play on xbox live with it so if you would like to hook up add my other gamertag Tertrahexahedron.

YouTube Link

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Halo 3 – Random Splatter – Funny

This is quite frankly the most random thing to have ever happened to me on Halo 3. Really have to see it to believe it.

Basically there i was just making sure my teams elephant was free of opposing enemy when out of nowhere i get a splatter. I had absolutely no idea what had just happened i had not shot at anyone or laid a mine I really couldn’t understand where it came from until i watched the video back. Now i knew that what ever just happened was going to be random but this is just insane.

I have never felt the need to share any of my clips with the community before but i just thought this is well worth the watch. -BiNaRy ZeR0


The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai

My Short Review

Just when i started to get bored of the xbox and all the titles that are currently available a new game pops up that refuels my interest. Surprisingly it’s a side scrolling beat em up on the xbox live marketplace. You can pick this game up for 800 Microsoft points and I can honestly say it’s one of the only games i have felt is worth the points.

The first thing that attracted me to the game was the attention to detail in the cartoon style artwork and then secondly the gore. The game play is pretty good and has some good combos which admitably i have only managed to pull off in a button bashing frenzy but all the same it feels good doing it and i especially like the clean or dirty kill feature.

Heres alittle about the Character.

The Dishwasher – The violent, unnamed protagonist; captured by the cyborgs in hope of making him one of their own, The Dishwasher was saved by Chef – his mentor – and was donated "Alien Blood" resurrecting him from death and giving him incredible powers. The Dishwasher has flashbacks through a series of comic-strips about his life and hatred for the Cyborgs and their master "AI Synthesis" but more importantly of his sister, Yuki, who gave herself willingly to the Cyborgs. His quest is simple: destroy the head of the Cyborg army so that the world may be saved. The Dishwasher has long black hair that covers the bulk of his face, he is naked save for a torn garment that covers his lower body.

Check out the game play.


pTw & Nature’s – Invincible – HD

This is pTw and I hope you enjoyed the video. Certain parts of the video are taylored to different kinds of audiences. I tried to please everyone with this video using different editing styles for every song I chose while trying to stay true to the invincible name as much as possible. Both me and Nature worked very hard on this video. We hope you enjoy it and support it in the upcoming Halo 3 Video Competition.

Krump Music J-Squad – Rukus Anthem (Get Over Here)
Saw Soundtrack – Hello Zep
The Flashbulb – Warm Hands In Cold Fog
Skillet – Invincible
Korn Feat. Amy Lee – Freak On A Leash

Article Source: pTw and Nature Present – Invincible – *HD*