How to Earn Crypto by Completing Offers on Cointiply

There are many ways to earn on Cointiply, and I am here to guide and help you learn more ways to acquire cryptocurrencies.

One of the most efficient techniques is to earn crypto through Cointiply’s world-class offerwalls. Completing offers takes only a few minutes each day and may quickly accumulate into a significant amount of cryptocurrency! You may also get additional free crypto by inviting your referrals! I will walk you through how it works.


What is an Offerwall, and how does it work?

An offerwall is a third-party service that manages and organizes a wall of offers, hence “offerwall.” Each offerwall is operated by a different third party business. They are in charge of their own content, offers, who can see them, how much they pay you, and whether or not you’ve fulfilled the terms of the offer and received your claim.

It’s essential to keep in mind that not all support is equal. Although most of the Cointiply offerwalls have links to their support systems within the offerwall, a few excel at end-user assistance. Most of the Cointiply offerwalls feature links to their help systems either at the top or bottom of the page, sometimes both.

Cointiply is committed to finding the highest-paying, most reliable, and highest-integrity offerwalls available. Cointiply is on the lookout for new and improved offerwalls that can service more countries—and they remove offerwalls that aren’t working correctly. This market is ever-changing, with them constantly striving to devise innovative strategies to get money.

What offers are available?

There are numerous different sorts of offers, which can differ from offerwall to offerwall. The following are the primary kinds of offers that you may complete to get Coins.


“Paid to click” is a term used in online marketing. Someone is offering you a few Coins if you simply click on a link and go to a website. They may just want people to visit their site. Some individuals enjoy bringing visitors to their YouTube videos. Others are seeking referrals, and they hope that you’ll join up at the site they’re advertising.

Cointiply’s PTC advertisements are acquired and paid for by other Cointiply members. Check back again every day for fresh postings, and don’t forget to conduct your own research and due diligence before signing up for anything.



You can earn points for taking surveys at Cointiply. Surveys are Cointiply’s most popular offers, and you may get Coins for offering your thoughts. Check out my Guide to Earning More Coins by Taking Surveys on Cointiply for more information on making the most of surveys. Theorem Reach is Cointiply’s most popular survey offerwall, as shown in the screenshot below.


Watching videos to earn crypto

Getting paid to watch videos is one of the most entertaining methods to earn Cash. You can keep Hideout.TV, Smores.TV, and VideoFox on your favourites list. These are excellent content-related films with advertisements that run between them. Cointiply has many members who make a lot of money by watching videos, so you should give it a try.


How do I receive payment?

When you complete an offer or a survey from one of Cointiply’s partner websites, and they confirm your earnings, Cointiply will mark that claim as “accepted”. You should receive a payment within 72 hours, but it will land within a minute or instant most of the time! Cointiply make sure those crypto coins go into your wallet fast!


What are Crypto Faucets & How Do They Operate

There are several types of crypto faucets, including Bitcoin Faucets and Litecoin Faucets. Bitcoin faucets give out tiny quantities of Bitcoin as a reward for completing basic activities, while Litecoin faucets provide out smaller amounts of Litecoin. They’re called “faucets” because the incentives are comparable to dripping water from a leaky faucet.

Users may receive free crypto by completing easy activities such as viewing advertisements, watching product videos, taking quizzes, and clicking links. Faucets are ideal for novices because they allow users to use virtual currency without investing any money.

Even though cryptocurrencies have had a fantastic year, they are still relatively new to many people worldwide. Crypto faucets aim to provide free cryptocurrency incentives to encourage participants to learn more about digital assets and possibly invest in them.

What is a crypto faucet?

What Are Crypto Faucets and How Do They Work?

The primary duty of a crypto faucet is to complete simple activities and take part in pre-defined events. The rewards can be adjusted, and users may be given a timelock to claim them.

Bitcoin faucets were created to provide a prize of 5 Bitcoins for completing simple activities to raise awareness about Bitcoin. The goal was to increase exposure for Bitcoin since the idea of cryptocurrency was relatively novel.

The scarcity of exchanges in the early days of crypto — there were simply no exchanges to be found — made giving out free Bitcoins an attractive incentive to get people interested in Bitcoin and push its adoption.

Giving out free bitcoins was a great enticement to pique people’s interest in Bitcoin and encourage its adoption. The fact that crypto faucets still exist is a testament to their intended purpose.

Earning crypto-cash on crypto faucets is a straightforward procedure. Simply visit a crypto faucet, view advertising or play games, and then the site gives you cryptocurrency in return. You don’t receive this money straight away; instead, it’s moved to your micro-wallet on the website’s platform. This tiny wallet has a limited capacity, and you won’t receive any bitcoins until it’s filled. When that happens, all of the bitcoin is immediately sent to your crypto wallet.

This is an excellent example of how an old school crypto faucet would work. Some cryptocurrency wallets enable users to exchange one cryptocurrency for another without needing an external service or platform or exchanger websites, thanks to multi-cryptocurrency exchange operations. It’s feasible since this operation can be carried out directly within the wallet interface.

The first crypto faucets were giveaways of small bitcoin amounts — usually five millibitcoins per visitor every hour. What can the crypto faucet owner get from operating a crypto faucet on the Internet? The answer is simple. Crypto faucets profit by posting numerous advertisements on their website and from surveys and offer wall commissions. These are the primary revenue streams for a crypto faucet operator, which is why it’s been such a lucrative business so far.

How Much Money Can You Make From Crypto Faucets?

A Bitcoin faucet is a system that pays out tiny amounts of Bitcoin or Satoshi per claim. Satoshi is the one-millionth unit of Bitcoin, which can be earned by solving captchas, clicking links, or performing other simple activities. In exchange for completing captchas, surfing links, or doing other easy activities, you may get Satoshis.

Bitcoin was the first crypto faucet, and it has since grown in popularity.

Freebitcoin is one of the most popular and biggest Bitcoin faucet sites, with Cointiply and Firefaucet being among the most popular. Users may receive BTC by playing games or claiming rewards from the faucet by completing a SolveMedia, earning points through surveys or participating in competitions, or you can use my free Bitcoin Faucet List to earn some cash.

Most of these crypto faucets have immediate cashouts! Pipeflair is a great example of an instant payout faucet that uses ZEC, FLR & Matic

There are crypto exchanges, such as Coinbase, where you may deposit your coins and trade them for different cryptocurrencies (and vice versa).

Crypto faucets are a wonderful way to get started with cryptocurrency

Many individuals may believe that Bitcoin faucets are only a waste of time, and that’s not entirely incorrect. Although there are numerous scam websites around, I think the majority have been reputable crypto faucets, which play an important part in the cryptocurrency market.

People who are accustomed to such sites do not have an entirely negative view of them.

Crypto faucets are a sort of doorway for many new individuals entering the cryptocurrency world. The faucets help newcomers get acclimated to the idea of digital currencies before making their first investment.

Satoshi Hero and FaucetCrypto provide free bitcoins every half hour or even more frequently!

Faucets are a method for new Bitcoin users to test out Bitcoin wallets and learn about Blockchain technology before purchasing their first Bitcoin. Users that have used faucets for a while have the confidence to invest their hard-earned cash into Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies.

This crypto faucets list can help you discover reliable websites that give out free digital money.

This article contains links to third party websites or other content for information purposes only. The third-party sites are not under control, and I’am not responsible for the third-party sites or their content.


Why Do Crypto Faucets Exist?


Cryptocurrency faucets were designed initially to increase coin ownership and increase the popularity of cryptocurrency. For example, the first bitcoin faucet was developed by Gavin Andersen in 2010.

Back in 2010, the reward was as high as 5 BTC. Eleven years later, bitcoin faucets do not usually give rewards of more than 20 satoshis. Since the evolution of the first bitcoin faucet, there have been many other crypto faucets such as Dogecoin, Cardano, Litecoin, Binance Coin, and Ethereum faucet.

They’re given the name “faucets” because the rewards are small, just like tiny drops of water dripping from a leaky faucet. To get free crypto, users usually need to complete tasks as simple as viewing ads, watching product videos, completing quizzes, clicking links or completing a captcha. The more straightforward the task, the lesser the reward. Most websites offer a minimum payout threshold, so the rewards earned by completing tasks are deposited into an online wallet of the site.

Crypto faucets are certainly not a get rich quick scheme.

What is the purpose of a crypto faucet?

If you are interested in becoming a billionaire within a year, crypto faucets may not be the thing for you. Bitcoin faucets were developed to reward five Bitcoins (!) for completing simple tasks. The purpose was to spread awareness about Bitcoin because the concept of cryptocurrency was very new.

The most popular bitcoin faucets will offer 20 satoshis per transaction, and at the end of a full day spent on a faucet, you might make less than $5.

Though cryptocurrencies have had a great last year, they are not wholly mainstream and are still new to many people worldwide. The idea behind crypto faucets is to give people free cryptocurrencies to learn about digital assets and hopefully invest in them.

How Can I Earn From A Crypto Faucet?

Although some cryptocurrency faucets have higher rewards, it will take time for the coins to become tangible, a slow and steady mind set is advised. There are a few different ways of increasing your crypto holdings in 2021. You can buy it, trade it, stake it and if you’re an unscrupulous lowlife, you can even steal it through hacks and scams. However, there are safer and perfectly legal ways if you’re out of funds and ideas, as there’s another way to rack up those satoshis: You can earn it.

Does “free crypto” really exist? Theoretically yes.

Crypto faucets provide referral programs to earn coins when inviting people to register on the website or app. These referral programs are an excellent way to make many coins if you have a significant social media presence.

There ain’t no such as a free lunch.” It essentially means that free stuff takes work.

Are Crypto Faucets A Complete Waste of Time?

Cryptocurrency faucets can help you grow your income on the side. However, they are not guaranteed to make you rich. They are not guaranteed to turn you into a billionaire overnight, but they may be a good option for you if you are looking for ways to gather and hold coins.

There is a slight possibility of collecting a coin that may become very significant in years to come. In my personal opinion, crypto faucets should only be done in your spare time.

Warning: Please be aware not all crypto faucets are equal and that I recommend you only interact with trusted websites. Some websites may infect your device (not listed here) with phishing malware, ransomware and spyware. does not endorse nor support any of the crypto faucets mentioned in this article, and nothing here should be considered financial advice of any kind.


Cointiply Guide: How to Increase Bitcoin Earnings by Completing Offers

There are many ways to earn on Cointiply, and they are always working hard to bring you even more ways to make money online. Completing offers from the world-class offerwalls are hands down the best way to earn, and this guide will step you through how to do it.

What Is an Offer?

At its most basic, an offer is an opportunity to earn Cointiply Coins by completing microtasks. You’re exchanging your time, attention, and sometimes work for Coins, which you can withdraw as either Bitcoin or Dogecoin. When an offer is completed, you’ll receive your coins will be added to your balance. You can see all of your claims in your Activity feed.

What Is an Offerwall?


An offerwall is a third party company that manages and arranges a wall of offers, hence “offerwall.” Each offerwall is provided by a different, third party company. They are responsible for their own content, offers, who can access them, how much they pay, and whether or not you have satisfied the terms of the offer and receive your claim.

Each offerwall has its own support system, though some are better at end-user support than others. Most offerwalls have links to support systems inside the offerwall, either at the top or bottom of the page.

Cointiply works very hard to identify the best, highest paying, most reliable, and highest-integrity offerwalls out there. Cointiply is always looking for more—including offerwalls that service more countries—and they remove offerwalls with issues. This industry is ever-evolving, and Cointiply is always working on new and better ways to earn.

What Kinds of Offers Are There?

There are lots of different kinds of offers, and they sometimes vary from offerwall to offerwall. Below are the basic categories of offers you can complete to earn Coins.


Cointiply’s biggest earning offers are surveys, where you earn Coins for sharing your opinions. To make the most of surveys, check out my Complete Guide to Earning More Coins by Taking Surveys.

App Downloads

Another popular category is app downloads, where you earn Coins for installing an app or game. Most game download offers require you to reach a certain level to qualify for the reward, and some pay handsomely. Better yet, you’re getting paid to play a game! You never know when you’ll find a new game you love, and that’s why these offers exist.

Many offerwalls have app download offers, including AdGate Media, Adscend Media, Offer Toro, Minute Staff, AdGem,, Kiwi Wall, OfferDaddy, Super Rewards, and Adwork Media. You’ll also find that each offerwall might pay a different amount for the same app download, so it pays to shop around. Cointiply has a convenient tab on our offerwall page labelled.

App Installs & Signup Offers.

Below is an example of an AdGem app download offer—but as said above, shop around because you can earn a lot from app downloads.

Signup and Deposit Offers

There are also signup offers where you sign up to a list or for a service and deposit offers where you are rewarded for joining a site and depositing real money. You can also subscribe to new services like Hulu, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube TV, and many others and get paid. Note that most, if not all, of these, are for new signups, depositors, and subscribers only, and the offerwalls and the companies they contract with are very savvy at sniffing out fraud.

These offers can be advantageous, but Cointiply always stresses that you do your homework and due diligence before handing over personal information and/or credit card numbers to any third party. The best practice in the crypto world is always caveat emptor!

App Downloads

Another popular category is app downloads, where you earn Coins for installing an app or game. Most game download offers require you to reach a certain level to qualify for the reward, and some pay handsomely. Better yet, you’re getting paid to play a game! You never know when you’ll find a new game you love, and that’s why these offers exist.

Many offerwalls have app download offers, including AdGate Media, Adscend Media, Offer Toro, Minute Staff, AdGem,, Kiwi Wall, OfferDaddy, Super Rewards, and Adwork Media. You’ll also find that each offerwall might pay a different amount for the same app download, so it pays to shop around. Cointiply has a convenient tab on our offerwall page labelled.

More Video Games

Cointiply also has offerwalls of video games. You earn Coins from completing your Activity Bar over time, with ads being shown between rounds of the game. Again, you get paid to play games!

Watching Videos

One of the most excellent ways to earn Coins is to get paid to watch videos. Hideout.TV, Smores.TV and VideoFox all have video channels you can leave on. These are high-quality videos covering a wide variety of topics. The content-related videos have ads that run between them, and that’s why you get paid to watch. Cointiply has many members who earn a lot of Coins from watching videos, and you should give it a try.


PTC stands for “paid to click.” Basically, someone is offering you a few Coins to click on a link and visit a webpage. Sometimes they just want the traffic to their site. Some folks like to bring people to their YouTube videos. Others are hunting for referrals and hope that you’ll sign up at the website they’re promoting. Here’s a random sampling of four different PTC Ads on Cointiply.

Example of PTC Ads on Cointiply

Our PTC Ads are bought and paid for by other Cointiply members. You’ll find a wide variety of websites to visit, and you’ll see how much each is paying you to visit right there in the description. Check back multiple times each day for new ads, and remember to do your own homework and due diligence before signing up for something. As Cointiply noted earlier, in the crypto world, it’s caveat emptor.

Tasks & Microtasks

The last major category of offers is task-based. Minute Staff specializes in offers where you are paid to visit a web page and/or click some links. Figure Eight (on Wannads, currently) has a variety of word and language-related tasks. They’re an exciting company because these tasks are used to help train AI models. The tasks can be complex, but as you level up within their system, you can earn more and more.

There are some repeatable quizzes and other tasks in the offerwalls, too. If this interests you, explore the offerwalls to find the ones that work for you. You can also talk with other members in our live chat room for tips on these and other offers.

Cointivity Boosts and Bonus Earning

Cointiply has built a system that lets you earn more for the offers you are already doing. It’s called Cointivity, and it enables you to earn Cointivity Points for the offers you complete. You can then spend those Points buying Pods that contain earnings boosts. Cointiply has a whole section of support documents explaining everything about the Cointivity system. With enough Cointivity points, you can easily earn 20% or more for the offers you already do.


It’s All About The Surveys: How to Maximise Income From Crypto Faucets

The most profitable crypto faucet feature, in my opinion, are surveys that offer rewards for completion. Most of the best crypto faucets have a survey feature, and you can find them on CointiplyFirefaucet & FaucetCrypto or for more, check out my list of 23 crypto faucets that pay.

When I first started claiming free bitcoin from faucets many years ago, I was sceptical of surveys and gave them a swerve. I couldn’t be bothered to spend the time filling them out, and when I did try, I would share fake answers. I often found the survey would end before completion, leaving me frustrated and without reward.

I started to view the survey features differently when I eventually took the time to complete a survey on FireFaucet fully, and I was hugely surprised by the level of rewards I received! The prizes were far more significant than what I could achieve with days worth of standard faucet claiming, and it wasn’t as much effort as I believed it would be.

Since then, I have learned a few things about how surveys work and the best method for maximising your chance of completing a reward.

Honesty is key

As I mentioned above, I was initially sceptical of surveys, and because of this, I used fake answers. Using mock answers was a mistake, and I realised that the systems that these survey providers use work on a type of machine learning to profile and understand the user. 

Once I understood this, I quickly realised that being truthful will give me the best chance of seeing a survey completion page. My reluctance to share information promptly faded after I completed a couple and saw the rewards! The more surveys I finished, the more I realised it was easier to tell the truth than to try and be consistent with fake answers. 

To be trusted by machine learning, you need to be consistent. Giving fake answers and remembering those mock answers becomes hard and leads to distrust from the system. Fewer survey offers will appear with less chance of actually reaching the end and collecting the rewards.

I effectively cancelled myself out of one survey provider by selecting an employment area that had nothing to do with me, which left me with questions that I had no idea how to answer to progress further to completion successfully. The system had learnt a fake profile, and I couldn’t get past the lie.

Being truthful with answers makes answering surveys a breeze when you don’t have to try and remember which answer you gave previously to stay consistent. Truthfulness also makes sense from both the survey provider’s standpoint and the user, as the providers can better tailor surveys to best suit your interests, making it more likely that you will qualify for the survey and complete it.

So to summarise, if you want to maximise potential income from crypto faucets that offer surveys, be truthful and honest. I have been answering surveys for some time now, and I will continue to do so from the highest paying bitcoin faucets.