Best Crypto Faucets

Fire Faucet: Auto Claim Crypto Faucet – Earn Free Crypto

Auto claim multiple cryptocurrencies at once without doing anything!

Faucets have been a way of getting free crypto online for many years and they have gained in popularity with the boom in crypto currencies. Searching online for how to get free bitcoin can be tough and risky so I decided to list the legit highest paying bitcoin faucets that let you earn free bitcoins instantly and send directly to wallet

Fire faucet works like an auto faucet, it allows you to auto claim multiple cryptocurrencies at once without doing anything! This helps you earn crypto and level up experience points. The higher the experience the larger percentage bonus you get on each claim. (active)

Fire Faucet is an auto faucet that pays Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as long as you have Auto Claim Points (ACP). To claim free ACP, you need to sign up and begin completing tasks or claiming from the faucet. The faucet will run automatically until your ACP is exhausted. You can earn additional ACP through gift boxes and by completing tasks like visiting short links, clicking ads and completing surveys.

What are auto claims?

Auto Claim Points (ACP) is the fuel needed to get Auto Claim crypto coins. Depending on configuration you use one or more ACP will be deducted per coin and per claim cycle.

How can you get free Auto Claims?

There are many ways to earn free ACP. Completing Short links and Surveys, watching Pay to click ads, and collecting every 30 minutes from the Faucet will all give you ACP. You can find all these options on the Dashboard page.

There are also happy hour periods which give 50% extra on each claim.

Everything Big Started Out Small..

I’m always on the look out for good active crypto faucets that pay If I find a new good faucet I will add it to the list. The most popular type of crypto faucets are bitcoin core faucets with instant payout but you can also find faucets for other crypto currencies.

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